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Custom Bedroom Storage Ideas

Declutter Your Bedroom with Custom Bedroom Storage Solutions

Do you look at your bedroom and wonder how you could ever fit everything you need to in this space? At Elegant Closets, we offer a number of creative bedroom organization ideas. As a closet company with many years of experience, we have seen and provided bedroom organization ideas to clients with bedrooms in all shapes and sizes. Here are some of our most popular bedroom storage systems. 

Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet Organizer or Reach In Closet System

custom walk-in closet

Whether you have a small walk-in closet or a large, luxury walk-in closet, your overall room storage can be multiplied with the right walk-in closet designs and systems. Creating an efficient bedroom storage solution can be as simple as putting in a few custom shelves and hanging rods in the case of small bedroom storage, it really depends on your needs as the client. A luxury walk- in closet would start with a custom hutch or a custom display area with a countertop and glass shelves, custom shoe shelves, and other premium accessories like pull-out laundry hampers, with that finishing touch being added by a beautiful walk-in closet island. 

Efficient reach in closet designs can have a similar effect on the bedroom storage. The right combination of reach in closet ideas can take your bedroom organization to the next level with the well thought out placement of custom shelving, soft-close drawers and hanging rods. Sometimes, even removing the doors from the space completely will help expand the storage space...and if that look is not the one for you, you can even replace them with some of our custom doors by considering a custom built-in wardrobe.    

Convert Your Reach In Closet Into a Built-In Wardrobe

A standard reach-in closet is just over a foot deep. Other closet companies organization systems start at 12" deep with 5/8" thick material which can lead to flimsy closet systems that visibly bend under weight. At Elegant Closets, we have a starting depth of 14" with many more depth options, and 3/4" thick material to ensure the highest quality products and systems for our clients. These extra inches can make a world of difference to the accessible storage space within your reach in closet, but sometimes, even that is not enough. In such cases, we recommend adding depth to the closet and turning it into a built-in wardrobe. This usually adds at least another foot of storage space to the closet and the built-in closet gives the room a luxurious and spacious feel, even for small bedrooms. 

Opt for a Wall-to-Wall Closet

As a closet company with many customization options, we can make a wall-to-wall closet work for you, to suit your needs and space. We offer open concept wall-mounted closet options for a cleaner-looking, more minimalistic storage, as well as floor-mounted closet systems. We also offer built-in wardrobe systems that span across the entire length of the room to maximize storage and to provide a cozy nook for movie nights with a space for your TV. If that is too much, we also offer over bed storage as a bedroom organization option.

Consider Over Bed Storage 

Custom bedroom storage

Have you ever thought of all the space around the head of the bed that is never used? At Elegant Closets, we can help you solve your bedroom storage woes by helping you create the perfect over bed storage system. What is an over bed storage system? Imagine a rainbow of cabinets starting at the sides of your bed and going over the top. They can have custom doors or they can consist of simple custom shelving, but we guarantee that this custom storage solution will add significantly to your overall bedroom storage while also adding a touch of your own personal style to the space. 

Murphy Bed Storage System

Whether you call it a custom wall bed or a custom Murphy bed, the intent behind the system is the same; you want a bed that can be stowed away so that the room can be used better. Custom Murphy beds and wall beds are the most popular options for guest bedrooms, and home offices that are used as guest bedrooms as needed, but they can be a great solution for people who prefer small living or minimalism within their homes. We offer Queen Murphy beds and Double Murphy beds in a variety of colour and profile options, and more.

If you want to put an end to bedroom clutter and any of these bedroom storage ideas inspired you, we would be happy to help with the first step in decluttering your home. Give us a call at (647) 856-4646 to schedule a free in-home or virtual consultation to discuss the best bedroom storage solutions for you.


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