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Highest Grading Of Particle Board and Formaldehyde Emissions

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

At Elegant Closets, we take pride in only working with suppliers who work with the highest quality materials and are environmentally conscious.

Wood Based Panels Generally Emit Formaldehyde

The resin used in most wood based panels in most household furniture emit air pollutants including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde has been classified as a potentially dangerous carcinogen and an important environmental pollutant by the World Health Organization and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Elegant Closet's High quality particle boards

Elegant Closets only uses the highest quality material that is ethically sourced within Canada and complies with the toughest standards for the Formaldehyde and other pollutant emissions. Composite Panel Association (CPA) and California Air Resource Board (CARB) are the world leaders in certifying composite wood furnitures and panels for safe indoor use for adults, children and pets. The material used by Elegant Closets comes from CARB Phase II (highest certification by CARB and nationwide standard) compliant as well as EPA TSCA Title VI compliant.

You can breath fresh air (both literally and figuratively) when working with us!

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