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Transform Your Closet Space

  Transform Your Closet Space with a Custom Solution

Why are you always hunting for your favorite pair of shoes under a pile of discarded clothing and belts while you are ducking all the hanging items? It's time to make a change and transform your closet space with Elegant Closets. We will create a 3D illustration of a possible solution that can include a vertical storage system for shoes, drawers for the T-shirts, and just enough hanging space for your few suits or dresses. Times have changed. It's time for your closet to catch up to your modern lifestyle.

Maximize Function Even in a Smaller Space

While you might dream of a walk-in closet, your home only has a dual-sliding closet installed a half-century ago. The good news is that there is a huge amount of functional space in that vintage design that just needs the shelves, hooks, boxes, and reorganization to declutter your life. Getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze as every shirt, pair of jeans, socks, and all your accessories are positioned for easy access. When we design a closet, we ensure that every square inch will have a purpose.

Custom Closet Organization can Sort Your Clothes, Paperwork, or Collectibles

Not every closet is for clothes. Bring the professionals on board when you have any closet or storage space that struggles to contain all the flotsam. We install more than cabinets and shelves, we offer custom closet organization. You show us the closet and everything that you want stored inside, and our 3D design team will produce the perfect combination of drawers, hooks, rods, and shelves needed to straighten out the perpetual mess.

When you are ready to finally banish the underperforming closet from your home, give Elegant Closets a call. We can provide a potential quote using a quick pic of the space and your measurements. Make it happen today!

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