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Coco Cabinets Swiss Trax Floor Wide Angl
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"The World's Finest Modular Flooring"

Swisstrax isn’t simply flooring. It lays the foundation for the finest garages, showrooms and eventscapes in the world. Engineered to assemble in an instant, modular Swisstrax tiles can be configured to feature your logo and custom color combinations. Best of all, it’s durable, easy to maintain and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*. Transform your space today. You’ll be floored.

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Industry Trust

Utilized by Ford, Dodge and Rockstar Performance Garage (just to name a few) and backed by rigorous testing certifications, we have earned the finest reputation around the globe.

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Superior Design

Swiss engineered and made in North America. Our interlocking flooring tiles are 3/4” thick, have 6 connection-points per side and are manufactured with a 4-point injection mold.

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Ultimate Protection

Our event, commercial and residential flooring tiles come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty*. A brand you can trust.

Garage Application

Enhance the look of your residential space and cover up cracks, stains or boring concrete.

Other In-Home Application

Ranging from balconies, patios, swimming pools, gyms, laundry rooms and more, the possibilities of transforming your space with Swisstrax Flooring are endless! 

Swisstrax Flooring Options

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